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Who we are

As already noted, we go by the name CARE AND EMPOWERMENT OF THE VULNERABLE IN ACTION, in short CAEVA. We express care for vulnerable and least advantaged children, youths, families, and communities by taking practical actions that differently empower them (children, youths, families, and communities) to progressively overcome their plight, and to respond to their immediate, mid-term, and long-term needs at individual, household, and community level sustainably.

Our mission
Our mission

Use different models to multi-dimensionally empower selected children, youths, and households to realize their full potential, productivity, and growth as a way of actualising SDG 1,3, and 4 and sustaining the outcomes.

Our vision
Our vision

Use different models to multi-dimensionally empower selected children, youths, and households to realize their full potential, productivity, and growth as a way of actualising SDG 1,3, and 4 and sustaining the outcomes.

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CAEVA Cooperation and Partnership for International Development

CAEVA Cooperation and Partnership for International Development CAEVA UK and CAEVA UG are two organisations, independent from each other but with a formal working relationship, referred to as the CAEVA COOPERATION AND PARTNERSHIP FOR INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT (CCOPID). CCOPID welcomes the formation of CAEVA in other countries where CAEVA isn’t existing, and, looks forward to admitting newly founded organisations into this cooperation and partnership. The formation of new CAEVA organisations in other countries not only systematically contributes to increasing on the number of member organisations in CCOPID, but also increases on collective strength, considering the fact that each member comes onboard with unique technical and strategic capabilities. CCOPID is interested in collaborating with like-minded actors.


Rationale for the Cooperation and Partnership

“NO MAN IS AN ISLAND” said John Donne’s in his Devotions Upon the Emergent Occasions. This phrase communicates that individuals, households, communities, and nations cannot exist in isolation. Instead, they are interdependent, and, only make best progress in development through cooperation, collaboration, and partnership. This is exactly what the CAEVA Cooperation and Partnership for International Development (CCOPID) is all about. It brings together CAEVA UG and CAEVA UK as partners working together on the realisation of SDG 1, 3, and 4 at the real grassroots in developing communities.

Target Group

Our work outside emergencies as well as in times of emergencies targets;
Children and youth: Specifically, the most vulnerable and least advantaged, including those described using negative labels such as disabled, street child, orphan, unemployed & poor, etc. Households/families: Particularly low resourced families/households that are child led or led by young adults.
Communities: Especially communities in hard to reach areas that are extremely underserved in terms of social services or affected by



Implementation Strategies


Resource Mobilisation

Education & Sensitisation




People in our communities of operation, own and drive interventions, by actively participating in identifying areas to respond to, proposing context-based interventions and their design, and, providing leadership in the implementation and sustaining of the outcomes.

Resource Mobilisation

Mobilise material, financial, time, and human resources, locally and internationally, to facilitate implementation of interventions and other related operations.


Education and Sensitization

Use different context-based approaches and models to holistically build capacities of the targeted groups.



Reach out to policy makers/implementers and other stakeholders of influence to support our work in complementing Government efforts on accelerating the progress of SDGs at the real grassroots.


Our core Values

Value for People

All our SDG interventions are not externally generated, but designed with direct participation of and recommendations from people living in targeted communities.


We build and maintain strategic, active, and supportive relationships within and outside the CAEVA partnership and cooperation, now and for the future, and value these relationships as a source of strength.


We believe in doing much more than what others imagine of us, and translating this belief into real action.


Come up with innovative, toned-down risk, and need-tailored solutions that interest other players to work with us as a partner of choice in creating opportunities sustainably.


We account to people in our communities of operation, as well as to our local and international supporters/well-wishers; by keeping them updated on our progress; by ensuring that available financial, material, and human resources are effectively and efficiently utilized to achieve agreed upon targets, and; by taking full and collective responsibility for our actions and decisions.


CAEVA is flexible and swift to change with the changing SDG landscape.


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