Our History

CAEVA was conceptualised in 2009. The strong passion to make a lasting positive difference in communities on the edge, where many vulnerable and least advantaged children, youths, and families live, culminated in the founding of CAEVA, and, crafting of a name that reflects the actions of the organisation, hence, CARE AND EMPOWERMENT OF THE VULNERABLE IN ACTION, in short CAEVA. CAEVA has existed for 16 years in Uganda and 5 years in UK. The CAEVA Cooperation and Partnership for International Development was entered into in 2022. This cooperation and partnership provides that CAEVA UK and CAEVA UG shall work together in translating SDG 1,3 and 4 into practical actions at the real grassroots in Uganda, and that, all interventions shall prioritise vulnerable and least advantaged children, youth, families and communities. CAEVA UK was founded by UK-based friends to CAEVA UG. It was registered with the Charity Commission of England and Wales in 2020. Some of the founders of CAEVA UK volunteered with CAEVA UG. They not only physically saw how CAEVA UG’s interventions changed lives, families, and communities, but practically participated in bringing about this change through volunteering. The holistic transformation witnessed by these volunteers, motivated them to establish CAEVA UK and to partner with CAEVA UG.CAEVA UG was officially registered with the Department of Social Services and Community Development in 2011 and later on with Uganda Registration Services Bureau in 2018. It was founded by two old students of a rural community high school called Kiira College Butiki. Eric, a humanitarian and international development professional, and Jolly, a long-serving community based lawyer, shared an interest in using their professional expertise and work experiences on a probono basis, to give-back, by helping least advantaged children and youths to believe in themselves, to develop prospects for a better future, and to commit to work towards positively and sustainably changing their lives. For Eric and Jolly to translate their interests into practical organised actions, in 2009, they conceptualised CAEVA as a community development non-profit organisation, through which to mobilise material, financial, and human resources for operations. CAEVA officially registered 2 years later i.e. in 2011.

In 2018, when UK-based friends to CAEVA expressed interest in starting-up CAEVA in UK, the Board of CAEVA in Uganda resolved to add the suffix UGANDA (UG) on the organisation name, hence CAEVA UG, to differentiate it from the soon to be CAEVA UK.