Good Health & Well-Being

Challenge overview: Over 400 million people world-over, majority of which are children and youth, have no basic healthcare and information. The main outcome is a poor health status. Poor health affects sustainable development at individual, household, and community level. Good health is essential for children and youth to reach their full potential. Cognisant of this health challenge, CAEVA UK and CAEVA UG through CCOPID directly contribute to ensuring healthy lives and well-being for all at all ages through the following interventions:

Health Promotion

This involves training and raising awareness on malaria, sexually transmitted infections including HIV/AIDS, teenage pregnancy, malnutrition, menstrual hygiene, maternal and child health, road safety, etc., as well as creating an enabling environment for better healthy living. When children/youths become knowledgeable in an enabling environment, they make informed health choices and decisions, leading to an overall improvement in their health status.

Health Provision

This is done through health camps, held in partnership with specialised health service providers like the dentists, ophthalmologists, those who test for HIV AIDS, etc., as well as with general practitioners. Referrals are made where need be. These health camps are held in least served localities where most of the targeted children and youths live.

Environment Protection

A good environment is deeply intertwined with health living. On that backdrop, CAEVA protects the environment by operating a nursery bed with different tree-seedlings, distributes those seedlings, and partners withdifferent agencies in environment protection to advocate for increased funding for activities that draw back climate change as well those that improve planetary health such as finding alternatives to the use of fossil fuels, avoiding the use chemical manures, preserving of wetlands, etc.